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Save money on your power bill with an energy efficient unit. Pacific Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is the only company selling American made units that meet government energy saving standards. Our job is to keep you cool and save you money on your power bill.

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Shielding American Samoans from the sun, one customer at a time.

For more than Pacific Refrigeration and Air Conditioning has been a leader in American Samoa providing the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC products for residential and commercial use. When you choose Pacific Refrigeration and Air Conditioning to cool your home, business or agency, you’re making an excellent choice that will not only save you money but will meet all federal guidelines for energy savings.


Manufacturing is the most important part of finding a product that will keep you cool. Odds are if you aren’t buying from us, you are being scammed. Other companies in American Samoa, hawk forgien made units that don’t work to keep you sheltered from the sweltering heat and only work at jacking up your electric bill. We source our units from Mitsubishi in America meaning they are durable and meet energy efficiency standards, keeping you from sweating and saving you cash. Count on Mitsubishi electric to set the standard for making ecologically responsible systems that minimize the impact on both the environment and your wallet.

Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance is not a dirty word, Pacific Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is staffed by a team of contractors, builders and installers who know exactly what it takes to both install and maintain your air conditioning properly. 


All the air conditioning units we sell are energy star compliant and are built to North American standards. The result is a long lasting hassle free air conditioner that blows cold all the time without wasting your money.


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Energy Efficient Units

Outside of keeping you cool, the most critical part of your air conditioning is energy efficiency. Only Pacific Refrigeration and Air Conditioning offers you units that meet federal standards on energy savings. If you are not choosing us, your utility bills will go up. 

Commercial Installation

From warehouses to office buildings, Pacific Refrigeration and Air Conditioning has seen it all. You need a partner with a seasoned team of operators who will make your installation a painless experience and source quality American made products. 

Residential Installation

You have many choices in life but in the Pacific heat choosing an excellent air conditioning provider is one of the more important decisions you will make. Our team has years of experience that crafts for you a stress free installation of an energy efficient Unit. The unit will keep you cool and save you money.


The team at Pacific Refrigeration and Air Conditioning understands the importance of having a refrigeration setup that works for you. If you choose the wrong provider, it will break down and cost you money to repair and lose staff hours. When choosing your refrigeration provider, think long term and choose a quality unit from us.